Error when building upstart package for Ubuntu 11.10

James Hunt james.hunt at
Tue Oct 25 08:49:18 UTC 2011

Hi Martin,

On 24/10/11 11:50, Martin Schlosser wrote:
>  BAD: wrong value for file, expected (nil) got 0x2ad80b6cbe40
>  	at tests/test_conf.c:752 (test_source_reload_job_dir).
>  /bin/bash: Zeile 5:  3375 Abgebrochen             ${dir}$tst
>  FAIL: test_conf

My guess is that you are running the build as root? The test ("make check") phase cannot be run with
uid 0.

As an aside, the patch you're using probably won't work. If /dev/console doesn't exist in an OpenVZ
container, the behaviour of jobs within such a container will be different to those outside one
(bad). I'll put a comment on the bug.


James Hunt

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