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On 24/03/11 22:11, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> </>On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:34 PM, James Hunt <james.hunt at
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>> Clint and I have been hard at work on an "Upstart Cookbook". Although it
>> is "early days", we wanted to let you all know we're working on this
>> project. Our (still *very* draft!) efforts can be viewed here:
> Nice work, some comments on the copy of 1-4 below:
>     Although Upstart is used on on a number of different Operating
>     Systems (including Ubuntu, Google's Chromium OS and Google's Chrome
>     OS), the Ubuntu version is considered the "reference
>     implementation". This is primarily due to the fact that Upstart was
>     written specifically for Ubuntu (although this does not mean that it
>     cannot run on any other Linux-based system).
> I'd disagree with this. Reference implementation always implies that
> other implementations should copy it as much as possible, and Ubuntu is
> no way that. As long as Ubuntu still uses a hybrid of Sys V and Upstart
> jobs, it can never be a reference implementation.
Thanks Scott - cookbook updated on this point.

> It may be that you mean what the document corresponds to, in which case
> use a different term ;-)
>     A notification sent by Upstart to all interested parties (either
>     jobs or other events). They can be thought of as "signals". Events
>     are /emitted/(created and then broadcast) to the entire Upstart system.
> Events can be more than just signals, I've made a point of documenting
> this recently, so this just confuses the issue.
>     * Events are like Signals
>       <>
>     * Events are like Methods
>       <>
>     * Events are like Hooks
>       <>

I've further clarified this by creating new sections for each type of
event. Note too that the new upstart-events manual page on an Ubuntu
Natty system ("man 7 upstart-events") already shows these types in
Tables (1) and (2).

> Scott


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