FW: Process substitution into loop

Grail Dane grail69 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 17 00:29:48 UTC 2011

Hi James

> In which case, it must be either a rc file that is changing the behaviour /etc/bash*?
I have a bash_completion.d directory and profile file in /etc but I do not see either with anything unusual.
> However, my guess is that you configured bash without the option:
>   --enable-process-substitutionI can confirm that this option is not a part of my configure options, but would then query why it works just finewhen using bash as the interpreter?  Or is it the case that this option is what allows a script using /bin/sh (whichI thought we had changed and confirmed was changed in /sbin/init) to perform process substitution?
> Regards,
> James.

PS thank you very much for your perseverance :) 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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