Upstart helpers (abstract jobs and event aliases) for Oneiric

Steffen Barszus steffenbpunkt at
Wed Jun 8 15:31:04 UTC 2011

2011/6/8 Evan Huus <eapache at>:
> I've been following this thread for a bit now, and I was just struck
> by a similarity between some of the proposed solutions and Java
> Interfaces (yes, I know).
> A lot of the proposals based on Option 1 or an alias keyword are
> basically saying that we need a way to say
> (for gdm)
> implements display-manager
> (for ufw)
> implements firewall
> 'Alias' is a fair bit broader than we would need.
> That way of thinking seems most coherent to me, and it makes for very
> nice syntax if you try "start display-manager" with multiple
> installed.
>> start display-manager
> Multiple jobs found which implement display-manager:
>  1) gdm
>  2) xdm
> ...

I would not put to much thought in this case - it would even fail on
SystemV at the moment and should be catched by packagemanagement as it
is now. Even a general error or any of them started arbitrary should
be ok.

And i like the alias approach as well. You talking about solution not
workaround right ? Well as long as its no "hardcoded list known to the
ubuntu developers and making assumptions" I'm fine with it.

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