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Wed Apr 27 09:03:36 UTC 2011

So I just thought I would ask if anyone is looking into ways of replacing all the current rc scripts that are legacy from sysvinit?
I do currently have a system operating and I use none of these, however, I am also not able to enter runlevel Sor in fact use the runlevel command as no files have been created in /var/run/utmp.
So the files I see installed (that I have removed) are:
Based on rc.conf I have no executable called rc and as this is the only exec I assume I do not need this at all.
rcS poses an issue that I do not have sulogin at all, is there an alternative I can use?
Lastly, rc-sysinit, obviously I have no inittab, but the references to sulogin for emergency and FROM_SINGLE_USER_MODEI again need replacements to cope with these portions of the script, I presume??
I also seem to be unable to find anything significant about this when searching the web so if anyone would pointme in the right direction it would be appreciated :)
PS. if any further information can be provided by me please ask. 		 	   		  
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