Upstart spins forever when sender fails to call recv()

Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Mar 26 02:25:19 GMT 2010

On Thu, 2010-03-25 at 15:27 -0700, upstart at wrote:

> I understand that the app is mistaken in dropping the socket.  But I'm
> getting some pressure to modify upstart to close the socket when this
> happens so we're less vulnerable to errors like this.  Are there good
> reasons to keep the socket open in this case?  (We're on 0.3.8 thanks
> to our build system having a really old autoconf, but the latest code
> seems the same: errors from sendmsg() are noted but not otherwise
> acted on.)
What latest code are you looking at?

Upstart hasn't shipped a "libupstart" for the best part of two years,
that code is long dead and buried.

All Upstart versions since 0.5.0 (0.6.5 is current) use D-Bus for

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