implementing serialized startup sequence

Janne Karhunen janne.karhunen at
Mon Mar 15 13:16:02 GMT 2010

G'd day,

Implementing 'as fast as possible' bootup often requires implementing
serialized startup sequence(s) we call critical sections. Any ideas what
would be the best way to do these upstart wise? Serializing startup
based on 'start on started' will surely do it, but that implies a direct
dependency between tasks A and B and that's not nice. Any other

Stanza support for this would be *extremely* good thing; it would be
great if we could define the critical sections (say in upstart.conf) one
way or the other. Scott, any plans for this? We're happy to cook up
a experimental patch if you consider this worthwhile. We surely do.

// Janne

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