problem with start on started / stop on stopped

Marcel Kinard marcelk at
Thu Mar 11 19:06:22 GMT 2010

> This should work exactly as you've written it.

I believe I figured out my problem. A line in the watchdog conf file had
accidently become uncommented, and thus I had 2 "stop on" stanzas.
Looks like the last one wins. :-)

It's working now.

> > What would be nice is a "restart on ..." stanza. I could also see that
> > an "restart limit ..." stanza should follow. 
> > 
> We had something like this once; it got removed when the states were
> simplified such that a restart was roughly equivalent to stop/start.  If
> it came back, you'd then have to have additional events for restarting
> and restarted.

I'm getting the behavior that I want. When I do an "initctl restart 
it stops the watchdog, stops the application, starts the application, 
the watchdog. To get this behavior, I need to do an "initctl restart ..."
instead of "initctl emit ...", which isn't a big deal.

On a more general note, I have to say that a policy-based event-driven 
service manager is very elegant. Nice job.

-- Marcel
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