seeking "Brick #1" on the Upstart yellow-brick-road

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Feb 18 04:18:13 GMT 2010

Op dinsdag 09-02-2010 om 10:27 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Scott James
> Obviously the biggest problem with writing documentation as somebody
> who is familiar with a system, or indeed as somebody who designed it
> and wrote it in the first place, is that you forget what people
> *don't* know about it.
> The best way to help is to tell us what you don't know, and as we
> figure out how to answer those questions, we can also work out how to
> include the answer in the documentation so you never need to ask. 

>From helping several people with Ubuntu, I suggest you *explicitly*
point to 'man 5 init' from the default upstart/init manpage (although
most people know 'man programname', not everybody is as accustomed to
the manpage system as we are, and many don't know about the different

That would maybe solve 50% of the support questions...  ;)

Jan Claeys

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