Jobs under /lib instead of /etc?

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> On Tue=2C 2009-10-20 at 16:08 +0200=2C Michael T wrote:
>> Something that has always annoyed me about traditional init was the fact=
>> the scripts are kept under /etc=2C although nowadays they are almost nev=
er user
>> configuration files in the sense that they used to be=2C but scripts whi=
ch come with
>> a package and are not intended to be changed by the user. Have you consi=
>> changing this in upstart=2C and having package scripts go under=2C say=
=2C /lib/init=2C with
>> /etc/init only there for users to override defaults on a case-by-case ba=
sis=2C if they
>> so desire?
> In Upstart=2C these are very much intended to be configuration files and =
> fully expect sysadmins to modify them.
Do you actually expect that the average user of upstart will modify a signi=
percentage of those scripts?=A0 If so then putting them in /etc obviously m=
sense.=A0 I would personally expect them to be created and configured by pa=
maintainers in most cases though=2C and not modified further in most cases =
they land on the package user's system.=A0 In that case defaulting to a non=
location and allowing the user of the system to place a locally modified ve=
rsion in
/etc which would override the package maintainers version would be more in
keeping with current practice (that is=2C what is done by udev=2C hal=2C po=
licykit and
many more).


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