job definition charset? (was: Session scripts.)

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Oct 6 02:38:30 BST 2009

Op maandag 05-10-2009 om 17:04 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Scott James
>        Processes managed by init are known as jobs and are defined by
>        files in the /etc/init directory.  See init(5) for more details.
> So then read that manual page, "man 5 init".  You'll find several
> hundred lines of description of the format of those files. 

One thing not defined in init(5) is the job description file's character
set and/or encoding.

I suppose it's ASCII, but e.g. if it's UTF-8 (would be nice for
descriptions, authors, etc.) you probably want to explain more
accurately what "whitespace" means (UTF-8 has more than 1 "space"
character, so you probably want to restrict it to the ASCII subset

Jan Claeys

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