init process bug

Scott James Remnant scott at
Mon Nov 9 12:30:38 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 08:43 -0600, Bob wrote:

> running ubuntu 9.10 64 bit it appears the init process is taking way too 
> much process and memory
Your supplied output doesn't support this assertion:

>     1 root      20   0 19432 1732 1188 S    0  0.0   0:00.99
> init              
Total CPU time used since startup (up  9:06) is just under a second,
this seems pretty reasonable to me.

Resident size is just over a megabyte, this isn't wholly unreasonable.

If you're looking at that 19MB figure for virtual size, I'd direct you
to the line immediately above (for top itself):

>  7605 bob       20   0 19132 1368  980 R    0  0.0   0:01.34 
> top               
That's curiously 19MB too isn't it? :-)  That 19MB figure is almost
certainly the overhead of loading libc, translation updates, and so on.
It could be the overhead of copy-on-write maps for relocation as well.

> it seems the init process is taking alot from system slows a normally 
> decent machine
There's no evidence that init is taking more memory than expected or
slowing down your machine (0.99s total CPU time in over 9 hours is not
going to make any difference).

If you want to know which process is causing you issues, it's the one at
the TOP of the top output:

> 29577 bob       20   0 1346m 403m  49m R  100 10.2  47:49.23
> firefox    

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