[ANNOUNCE] upstart 0.5.2 released

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Wed Jun 17 19:05:52 BST 2009

And positively frigidly far away from the heels of 0.3.10 comes the 0.5
series release that includes the same bug fix, along with a whole heap
of other changes - mostly D-Bus, but there's a few other bug fixes in
there too.

0.5.2  2009-06-17  "Something, something, something, D-Bus"

	* The licence for Upstart has been updated to GNU GPL v3.

	* Overhaul of the automatically generated D-Bus bindings code,
	  fixing many issues with memory leaks, inconsistent return values
	  and loss of method returns after the method has taken place.

	* D-Bus 1.2.4 is now required, and must be patched to fix

	* D-Bus Job objects now have "name", "description", "author"
	  and "version" properties.

	* D-Bus Instance object now have "name", "goal" and "state"

	* initctl now obtains the name properties for display instead of
	  printing the mangled object path component.  (Bug: #299290)

	* D-Bus configuration updated now that the daemon is fixed to be
	  deny-by-default, and updated to avoid bare "send_interface"
	  stanzas.  (Bug: #323021)

	* Fixed assertion caused by the post-start or pre-stop scripts
          exiting after the main process of a respawning job had exited
          (Bug: #381048)

	* The /proc filesystem need not be mounted if the "oom_adj"
	  configuration stanza is not used.  (Bug: #259801)

	* Overly large values to configuration stanzas are now caught
	  and rejected.  (Bug: #340134)

	* The --enable-compiler-warnings configure option has been
	  extended to add -Wextra, but turns off a few of the more extreme

	* GNU C Library v2.4 (or backported inotify support) is required

	* pkg-config 0.22 is now required, it probably was anyway but we
	  now explicitly check for it.

	* Dependency on Python for the D-Bus binding tool has been dropped
	  and replaced with a dependency on expat 2.0.0

The tarball can be found here:


For more information on upstart:


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