A Proposal to deal with groups

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Saravanan Shanmugham (sarvi):
>     Use case 1: We need to group jobs to be able to operate on them as a
> set.   
>           For us there are a group of processes that may need to be
> restarted when one or more "critical processes" crash/restart. What
> constitutes a "critical processes" as well as what contitutes the group
> that needs restarting, may change over time as one or more packages in
> the system are upgraded/downgraded or added/deleted.  
That should be handled with dependencies. I.e., if mysqld crashes,
upstart should restart all process (Apache, spamassassin, ...) which
depend on it.

>      Use case 2: a package may have 10 jobs as part of the package.
> Before I remove the package I need to be able to stop all jobs
> associated with the package. Yes we can try to keep a list of all jobs
> in the package. But this is also a case where concept of group could
> help me keep it simple.
Let's say the package isn't removed, but upgraded.

How would you remember which jobs have been running, so that you can
restart appropriately? Tell upstart to save the group members' state,
stop the group, then restore the state afterwards?

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Umm, we all got that part already ...

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