[ANNOUNCE] upstart 0.6.0 released

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Thu Jul 9 17:20:27 BST 2009

At last, the announcement of a new stable series.  This one's based off
0.5.2 but with a lot of the sharp corners shaved off, and lots of bug

I strongly suggest that everybody using 0.3.x or 0.5.x now bite the
bullet and switch to using 0.6.0, I probably won't make another release
on those branches now.  There's a bit of a compatibility bump moving the
configuration directory, but I'll make sure that the 0.10 development
series is backwards compatible with it.

0.6.0  2009-07-09  "How appropriate, you fight like a cow"

	* The licence for Upstart has been changed back to version 2 of the

	* D-Bus 1.2.15 is now required, this is the current GIT HEAD
	  pending a 1.2.16 release.

	* Configuration paths have changed.  Global configuration now
	  resides in "/etc/init.conf" while jobs are now configured in

	* Job configuration filenames must now end in ".conf"

	* Default configuration files are now supplied in the "conf"
	  sub-directory of the source, and installed into "/etc/init".

	  These match the Debian/Ubuntu sysvinit configuration so may
	  require some tweaking for other distributions, but provide an
	  excellent base.

	  The old example-jobs tarballs are deprecated.

	* The D-Bus interface remains unstable, to reflect this the current
	  interface name has changed to "com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6" and the
	  name of the job and instance interfaces have changed to match.

	* The "EmitEvent" D-Bus method gains a wait argument, when given
	  as TRUE (the recommended setting) the method call will be blocked
	  until all effects of the event have finished.  When FALSE the
	  method call will return once the event has been queued.

	* The "Start", "Stop" and "Restart" D-Bus methods of jobs and
	  instances gain a similar wait argument.

	* The Upstart D-Bus object now has "version" and "log_priority"
	  properties.  The former is to obtain the version of the init daemon,
	  the latter allows you to obtain and change the logging priority.

	* Job D-Bus objects now have "name", "description", "author" and
	  "version" properties to obtain the job name and the contents of
	  the equivalent job file fields for the others.

	* Instance D-Bus objects now have "name", "goal", "state" and
	  "processes" properties to obtain the instance name, goal, state
	  and list of running processes and their pids respectively.

	* The default D-Bus security policy now permits use of the "Get"
	  methods by all users, including obtaining values of properties.

	* initctl has been rewritten with functionality more along the
	  lines of Upstart 0.3.x than before; since many distributions are
	  still shipping 0.3.x the summary of changes for the tool reflects
	  both changes from 0.3.x and 0.5.x

	* The global "-p"/"--pid" argument has been dropped, since
	  communication is over D-Bus.  New "--system" and "--dest" arguments
	  have been added to force communication over the system bus, and
	  specify the destination, instead of using the private socket (this
	  is the default when run as non-root to permit "list" and "status"
	  to work for ordinary users).

	* The "-i"/"--id" and "--show-ids" options to commands have been
	  dropped since jobs no longer have ids.

	* Since instances may now have names, these will be displayed in
	  brackets after the job name when one is present.  The output of
	  the goal and state are now expressed as "start/running" instead
	  of "(start) running" to disambiguate.

	* initctl "start" and "stop" now only output the final state of
	  the job, not intermediate states it passes through.  When called
	  with "--no-wait", the commands now output a status before
	  returning (which may not be the final status).

	* initctl "start", "stop" and "status" now only accept a single
	  job name.  Further arguments are taken as KEY=VALUE environment
	  variables to pass to the job, replacing the previous "-e" option.

	* There is a new initctl "restart" command, with matching
	  /sbin/restart symlink.  This is the atomic equivalent of calling
	  "stop" and "start" with the exception that a stopped job will
	  not be started again.

	* In keeping with the newer instance model, instance jobs are now
	  output on separate lines with their full names rather than
	  indented under a "master" instance.

	* initctl "status" will exit non-zero if the job name was not
	  found.  (Bug: #328323)

	* initctl "status" now outputs information for multi-instance
	  jobs.  (Bug: #331407)

	* initctl "list" no longer accepts a pattern, use grep.  Output
	  is no longer sorted.

	* initctl "emit" no longer outputs changes that occur as a result
	  of the event.

	* When initctl "emit" is called with "--no-wait", it will return
	  immediately.  (Bug: #324890)

	* initctl "emit" now only accepts a single event name.  Further
	  arguments are taken as KEY=VALUE environment for the event,
	  replacing the previous "-e" option.

	* initctl "jobs" and "events" have been dropped.

	* initctl "log-priority" may be called without arguments, in
	  which case it will output the current priority.  (Bug: #280529)

	* initctl "reload" has been renamed to "reload-configuration"
	  to avoid confusion with reloading a job's configuration.

	* initctl(8) man page updated.  (Bug: #285753)

	* runlevel no longer accepts the --set and --reboot arguments,
	  instead telinit and shutdown write these records into utmp and wtmp.

	* runlevel(7) man page added to describe the runlevel event, and
	  the implementation of runlevels and System V compatibility in
	  Upstart.  (Bug: #60429)

	* telinit will no longer silently ignore the "a", "b" or "c"

	* telinit now accepts the previously ignored "-e" argument, passing
	  the environment variables given along with the runlevel event.

	* telinit now officially accepts the "q"/"Q" and "u"/"U" arguments,
	  the former will reload the Upstart configuration while the latter
	  will re-execute Upstart.

	* telinit q will also attempt to reconnect to the D-Bus system bus
	  if the connection has not been made, or has been lost.
	  (Bug: #323022)

	* reboot no longer silently ignores the "-t" option.

	* reboot now silently ignores the "-n", "-i" and "-h" options; it
	  will no longer sync your disks, down your network interfaces or
	  spin down your hard drives.  This functionality is all handled
	  by the kernel on a modern system.  (Bug: #92685)

	* reboot now writes a "shutdown" record to /var/log/wtmp, this means
	  that the "-w" option is honoured with its original intent.  We
	  still silently ignore the "-d" option.

	* shutdown message generation fixed to be more easily translatable.
	  (Bug: #102565)

	* The TERM/KILL timeout, and other system timeouts, now use the
	  monotonic clock so are unaffected by system clock changes.
	  (Bug: #389588)

	* Respawn detection now uses the monotonic clock so is unaffected
	  by system clock changes.  (Bug: #389586)

	* Significant improvement in the amount of manual pages included
	  with Upstart and their content.  (Bug: #60429)

	* A manual page refering people from /etc/inittab to /etc/init
	  is also included.  (Bug: #72058)

The tarball can be found here:


For more information on upstart:


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