Need clarification on possible bug with start on / stop on stanza logic

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Fri Feb 13 00:23:48 GMT 2009

Hi Scott and other Upstart devs,
    I found this gem while producing tests for upstart, and I'm
wondering whether or not this is a bug that should be filed:

[comet-k5-12:/etc/init/jobs.d]$ cat foo+
stop on halloween / duwali
[comet-k5-12:/etc/init/jobs.d]$ start foo+
[comet-k5-12:/etc/init/jobs.d]$ start foo+
start: Unable to start job: Job is already running: foo+

    My thoughts are that characters like words (jobnames, event names,
etc), (, ), spaces, and simple boolean operators (and, or) are valid,
but other characters like '/' and invalid expressions should not be
    Comments welcome.

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