problem with upstart and killall5

Scott James Remnant scott at
Mon Dec 14 07:19:53 GMT 2009

On Sun, 2009-12-13 at 08:51 +0100, MeloDramus wrote:

> i tried upstart 0.6.3 and found that killall5 *must* be started in the
> last and only remaining job because this is continued after receiving
> the kill signal while parallel jobs are not. this is a bit unflexible.
There are various ways around this; for example in Ubuntu, the script
that calls killall5 in the shutdown process explicitly ignores any
process managed by Upstart (by passing the list of pids to killall5 -o)

I guess longer term we'll want to have Upstart just do the killall5
thing itself; perhaps even doing the reboot() call itself.  Thoughts?

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