Cross compiling upstart 0.6.3

Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at
Thu Aug 20 19:22:06 BST 2009


I am trying to cross compile upstart 0.6.3 and am encountering a
problem. The build system uses  nih-dbus-tool to generate dbus stubs
and to be able to cross compile I need  nih-dbus-tool to be compiled
targeting the host system but the rest of the binaries to targeted
towards the target architecture (arm) and I am searching for a clean
way to do this.

One thing that makes it a little more difficult is that nih-dbus-tool
gets compiled and depends on libnih and libnid-dbus.

I can figure out a few way's of "fixing" the problem but none seams very nice

* I an add the generated the subs on during a x86 and  then add to the
code source tree(need some makefile changes)
* I can compile nih-dbus-tool as separate tool and modify the build
system to look at those(need some makefile changes,doesn't really make
sense for normal users)
*I can try compile nih,nihdbus, and nih-dbus-tool into a separate
object directory when building nih-dbus-tool but even that doesn't
feel right
* I can modify the configure script to allow specifying a nih-dbus-tool to use

The best short term solution to me seams the last one, any other idea
/solution ?


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