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full ack here.

For example a simple "initctl enable JOB" will set the appropriate symlink
and "initctl disable JOB" will remove it again. Or instead of a symlink,
just use a texfile with one service per line where initctl adds and
removes enabled job names. e.g. init-ng does it the second way.

The best would be, that if integrating it into initctl ( what would be the
cleanest solution ) one is independent from such tools as chkconfig and
packagers, nevertheless if using rpm or dpkg as package manger could
simply transform their scripts to it, that way package upgrades should be
no problem furthermore.

> Yes, but that is imho a different case.
> What I (and I guess others too) would like, is a simple mechanism to
> enable/disable a job (or switch between "manual" and "automatic" mode,
> if you prefer this term). Something like the symlinks in /etc/rc?.d/
> I still want to be able to manually run
> start apache
> but e.g. I don't want to have apache started automatically on boot as
> soon as its preconditions are met.

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