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this would be great this way, and easy for package maintainers and users
to manage. Works nearly like the old chkconfig way.

> I think we talk in different directions.
> I mean a system service (like sendmail) which is defined as a daemon in a
> job file.
> Now, I temporarily want to disable sendmail without removing the whole
> sendmail package.
> So I move away /etc/init/jobs.d/sendmail. If the sendmail package provides
> the job file directly and the
> package gets updated automatically,  /etc/init/jobs.d/sendmail would be
> back again after the update.
> So either the sendmail package provides the jobs file
> /etc/init/possible-jobs/sendmail and another tool (like
> chkconfig) softlinks to /etc/init/jobs.d/sendmail or there is another
> mechanism to enable/disable jobs.

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