depending on multiple events

Arno Schuring aelschuring at
Thu Mar 27 18:06:30 GMT 2008

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> In attempting to work through some upstart conversions, I've run into the
> problem that there seems to be no way to require *multiple* events on start ,
> i.e., 'start on X and Y'
I haven't kept up-to-date with the latest upstart developments, so take
this with a grain of salt. As far as I know, all upstart events follow a
fire-once event model. And generally speaking, there is no sane way to
depend on an AND-combination of such events, since they will never occur
at exactly the same time. What you are looking for should be done with
states, not events.

> This seems to be impossible in 0.3 (without resorting to tricks in pre-start).
> Is it planned for 0.5?
For as far as I can see from the blueprint, it is intended to be
implemented for 0.5 but is not yet completed.


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