Clarification on upstart-0.5 and dbus usage

Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Wed Jun 18 21:52:25 BST 2008


Marcel Holtmann:
> Also using the D-Bus direct communication put the requirement on Upstart
> to become a D-Bus server and to message dispatching. This will bloat
> Upstart.

Umm, I would only use this direct socket for direct control
(i.e. request in => response out; no monitoring or other fancyness).

For that use case, the additional coding effort /complexity to support
direct communication is negligible.

> > Well, at minimum you'd need _some_ method to tell Upstart that the dbus
> > daemon has started up and may now be registered with. :-P
> Why? If Upstart starts the D-Bus system bus daemon, it knows, when it is
> there. Why bother with external tools.
There's a nontrivial but variable time between launching the daemon and
the moment this daemon opens its listening socket.

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