sysvinit backward compatibility in upstart .5

Sandeep Puddupakkam (spuddupa) spuddupa at
Thu Jul 24 19:13:39 BST 2008


I downloaded the upstart (.5) code from trunk. I was able to get the
sysvinit backward compatibility going with upstart (.3.9). I am trying
to do the same with the code in trunk.

I notice that runlevel, telinit etc are not yet implemented. Are there
plans of implementing them? If they will be implemented, is the plan to
use the existing socket interface for telinit to talk to upstart or will
that be replaced by dbus. In which case, dbus should be started pretty
early in the startup sequence.

In the mean time, what are the alternatives I have to achieve the
backward compatibility with sysvint?


Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks and Regards,



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