UPSTART_EVENT and how to know why invoked

upstart at upstart at
Fri Jan 25 22:31:42 GMT 2008

Let's say I have a job that gets stopped in a couple of ways:

stop on stopped foo
stop on stopped bar

I'd like to know which triggered me.  The environment variable
UPSTART_EVENT comes close, but only holds "stopped" (or in other
cases, "runlevel") rather than "stopped foo" (or "runlevel 0").  Is
this a bug or a feature?  If the latter, what's the rationale?  Would
I be screwing myself if I modified the behavior?  Would you take the

BTW, sshd's been crashing pretty regularly on my up-to-date Gutsy
system.  If sshd were launched via an upstart jobfile and respawned I
would never notice.  That gonna happen someday? :-)


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