/etc/inittab respawn daemon entry

Omon Edeki (Nowell, Inc) omon.edeki at nowellgroup.com
Tue Dec 9 02:24:33 GMT 2008

Greetings everyone,

I have a SPECIFIC question. We are migrating our server application daemon/service from an earlier version on Linux to Fedora 10. Fedora 10 appears to use a program called upstart.

Our older program used the /etc/inittab to bootup and it had this entry


Essentially when the system booted up, the program cyclone would run and if it every died or was killed, init would seamlessly restart it.

My question is how exactly do I replicate this process with the upstart design for Fedora 10? Also I tried entering some commands in a file in the Fedora 10 /etc/event.d directory. I created a file and tried but I could not replicate the formed init respawn process. Can I get some advice or documentation about specifically how to do this?


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