Feedback and help in porting the NUT sysV init script to upstart

Arnaud Quette at
Fri Aug 1 08:57:07 BST 2008

hi Scott,

first, thanks for your answer.

2008/7/31 Scott James Remnant <scott at>:
> On Fri, 2008-07-18 at 23:09 +0200, Arnaud Quette wrote:
>> next, a personal point of view about the lack of upstream adoption of
>> upstart:
>> I wanted to provide an upstart script for NUT for some time, but never
>> found enough matching example to do so.
>> the embedded scripts only address inittab, and the
>> replacement-initscripts are unreachable (see below) and far too basic
>> for being really helpful!
>> if you want a massive adoption, provide some "real world" examples for
>> upstreams, really ;-)
> Upstart is not yet finished, and the job definition format undergoes
> incompatbile changes with each minor release.
> For this reason, I would not recommend migrating your service to using
> an Upstart job at this time.

point taken.
I'll wait for the signal to get back on this.
btw, do you have any approx. timeframe for the completion of this?

>> another point (possibly already addressed): you should also take a
>> look at the HAL replacement (DeviceKit) since it should (must?)
>> somehow impact upstart (at least through signaling), or improve it?!
>> I will soon post on the new dk mailing a proposition for the power
>> management. if you also have some feedback there...
> The DeviceKit author and I are friends, are very much in communication.

happy to hear that :-)

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