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Rob Ubuntu Linux rob.ubuntu.linux at
Wed Nov 28 23:24:58 GMT 2007

On Nov 28, 2007 9:45 PM, Mildred <ml.mildred593 at> wrote:
> Le Tue 27/11/2007 à 14:07 Rob Ubuntu Linux à écrit:
> > Now does Upstart provide something better?  Or does it just say run
> > levels are deprecated?
> Apparently Upstart provides (or will provide) profiles wich are just
> like runlevels (but easier to configure since its configuration is a
> single file while sysvinit uses symlinks).
> And I think there are even advantages over runlevels in that I think
> you will be able to define the profile to use on the kernel command
> line and then tell upstart to allow or not others jobs to start,
> overriding the profile.
> Isn't that enough ?

Sounds good to me.  You can set the runlevel to boot into on kernel
command line now, or pass an argument to a script, the args not
"eaten" by the kernel, get passed on (while back on this list I used
that to chain init(8) via a shell script as someone wanted a "profile"
like feature to choose network interface).  I have read about profiles
as a spec, that doesn't mean it actually gets implemented, and I
haven't seen much on that side of things.  If I'd seen a "runlevels
are being replaced by named profiles" rather than "are history" I'd
know they were valued, just viewed as ugly in the SyS V init

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