How to tell if a job has run?

upstart at upstart at
Wed Nov 21 18:01:22 GMT 2007

If I run 'initctl list' and see something like this:

hi (stop) waiting

I know only that there's a file /etc/event.d/hi, not whether the "hi" 
job has been successfully run (and exited), nor whether any jobs that
run on the "hi" event ever got launched.  Is there any way to get this
information out of upstart?

What I really want is a way to look at a system and see a tree of what
jobs ran when, and which were launched in response.  Some but not all
of this information can be gotten out of log files if upstart (as init)
is launched with the -v flag.  Can I get close without modifying my
kernel commandline?

BTW, I've received nothing on this list, nor has anything been
archived, since Oct. 31.  I guess this message tests whether it's
simply been quiet or is broken.


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