stand-alone event engine

Scott James Remnant scott at
Sun May 20 15:08:13 BST 2007

On Sun, 2007-05-20 at 13:59 +0200, Marcus Better wrote:

> would it be possible to use upstart as an event and job handling engine
> without running it as init? The question arose in a discussion in Debian
> [1] about a network configuration manager that could possibly make use of
> some functionality in upstart, if it could be done without forcing users to
> switch init system.
The problems are:

 * Loss of compatibility; sysvinit users moronically expect to be able
   to invoke "init" on the command-line, and get "telinit" (this is done
   by checking the pid)

 * The (unimplemented ;p) facility to supervise daemons that fork would
   not work, all jobs would have to run in the foreground and use some
   other mechanism to indicate that they are "ready"

 * Security decisions about process-to-process initctl messages, and
   having to give the pid of the control daemon with every command

That's not to say this is impossible, just explaining why it doesn't
work like that out of the box right now.  We've been thinking about
"user upstart processes" as a replacement for things like gnome-session

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