bzr branches updated to 0.15/0.16 dirstate-tags

Scott James Remnant scott at
Mon Jun 4 17:57:42 BST 2007

I've updated my main bzr branches of upstart and libnih to the 0.15/0.16
"dirstate-tags" format.

If you wish to do the same, make sure you have this version installed,
and run "bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags" on your branch.

The obvious benefit:

quest upstart% bzr tags
0.1.0                scott at
0.1.1                scott at
0.2.0                scott at
0.2.1                scott at
0.2.5                scott at
0.2.6                scott at
0.2.7                scott at
0.3.0                scott at
0.3.2                scott at
0.3.5                scott at
0.3.7                scott at
0.3.8                scott at

quest upstart% bzr diff -rtag:0.3.8.. | diffstat | tail -1
 34 files changed, 7423 insertions(+), 6014 deletions(-)

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