New Branches at the Bazaar

Scott James Remnant scott at
Thu Feb 15 14:32:28 GMT 2007

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to a couple of new development
branches that have been posted.

First up, Johan Kiviniemi's been working on the problem of reacting to
the wildly differing inotify events caused by a text editor being used
on /etc/event.d -- everything from in-place modification, copying to a
backup and moving and deleting takes place.

The "Delayed Watch" branch of libnih, and modifications to upstart to
use it, are here:

I've been working on the complex-event-config[0] specification, which
provides a much richer way of defining the state in which a job should
be running:

And also I've started publishing the proposed initscript replacements
for Ubuntu feisty; these should provide a good basis for any
distribution considering a native Upstart boot sequence.

There's a alpha trial Launchpad feature I wanted to draw everyone's
attention to as well; you can see much more detail about a branch
through the new "" URLs.  These aren't directly
linked yet, so you need to type them yourself.

	1) Change https://code to http://codebrowse
	2) Remove /+branch from the URL

Remember, anyone with a Launchpad account can publish their own
branches.  It's by far the best way to contribute code to Upstart.

Grab a copy of the libnih and Upstart source onto your machine, and link
them together.  Note the use of "bzr branch" here:

 $ bzr branch libnih
 $ bzr branch upstart
 $ cd upstart
 $ ../libnih/nihify

To publish your changes, make sure you have a Launchpad account and have
registered your SSH key with it.  Start here if you don't:

You can then push to a special sftp URL that identifies the branch:


USERNAME is your Launchpad username; PRODUCT is either "upstart" or
"libnih" and BRANCH is a name for the branch.  I use "main" for the main
development line, and things such as the name of the specification for
other development branches.


 $ bzr push s

Your branch will automatically appear at both the and locations.


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