sshd: when a daemon forks

Mildred ml.mildred593 at
Sun Apr 22 12:33:24 BST 2007

Hi again,

Sorry for asking so many questions but now i have a daemon (ssh) and I
can't find a command line option to make it run in the foreground. So
when the upstart script starts, it stops directly thinking the daemon
died (which is false).
So I wonder how to handle such situations with upstart.

i tried to wait for the pid, and then kill it, but it says:
wait: pid 23557 is not a child of this shell

The only solution I'm thinking of is to loop until that pid can be
found. Something like:

	while ps -p $PID >/dev/null; do
		sleep 0.1 || break
	kill $PID

But I don't like it really, is there a better solution (like telling
upstart that it should now wait for the completion of a given PID)



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