Upstart on openSUSE

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Tue Apr 17 00:48:07 BST 2007

"Alan Taylor" <alanupstart at> writes:

> I'm attempting to get Upstart running on openSUSE.  I've not done much
> init debugging before.  What is the best way to debug an Upstart
> porting effort? For example, right now I'm stuck on "init: rc-default
> main process (<PID>) terminated with status 1".  If I put "echo"s into
> the rc-default file under the script block they are not executed.
> I've also tried --debug, but it didn't lead me anywhere.
> What's the best way to proceed from here?

I found it reasonably productive to do three things recently when
debugging problems with upstart running as init:

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