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George Boudreau GeorgeB at
Fri Sep 8 21:07:29 BST 2006

  I have been a subscriber for the past few days and now find I need a
little push in the right direction.

  My environment:  (not Ubuntu)
    A basic Gnu/Linux implementation using:-
    console display
    glibc-2.4, gcc-4.1.1 and binutils-2.17
    modified sysVinit script format
    hard-wired /dev tree
    direct network connection

  After installing upstart-0.2.1, pilfering/changing a few files from
system-services and upstart-compat-sysv I was able to boot this
partition. ..success is a sweet drink. I renamed the event file
control-alternate-delete to ctl-alt-delete and was able to do a
keyboard reboot with no problems.
  Everything 'seems' to work and I now have a platform I can use to
safely explore the features of upstart. and move to a sysVinit free
boot system.

  Today's question.. (implies more in the queue)
  running <initctl events>  does not display "kbdrequest" when
alt-uparrow is pressed., is this normal?  The extensive documentation
provided (the source code) didn't shed any light on the problem.


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