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Sun Sep 3 17:48:08 BST 2006


> Define "diverging" ... we're changing init! that's a pretty big,
> whopping divergence for a start.  It's obviously going to have knock-on
> effects on everything else.

Actually, it can be seen as "providing another init, and, in this goal,
making sure that init can be changed".

I don't think we're diverging if we're having a separate upstart
package, a separate upstart-initscripts package. We are if we maintain a
separate sysvinit package.

Btw, something I haven't really understood. How will dependencies for
services be handled. If I understand correctly, all the "base"
initscripts will be upstart jobs and have the correct "dependencies"
through events.

But how will upstart handle things like "apache needs network to be set
up", "tomcat needs postgresql to be up" ? Will some upstart initscripts
read LSB tags in apache and tomcat's standard init scripts or will we
have to change these ?


Clément Stenac
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