User Survey

Thom May thom at
Sun Sep 3 15:57:54 BST 2006

* Scott James Remnant (scott at wrote :
> Hi there to everyone that's joined recently,
> I'd like to do a quick survey to see who here is using upstart on their
> machine instead of sysvinit, and how they're getting on with it?

I just switched my laptop over. Some notes based on that:

My /home is a cryptdisk setup - I'm usually prompted for a passphrase during
boot by /etc/init.d/cryptdisks but this didn't occur when booting with
upstart. (Do you want bugs filed for this in launchpad?)

My wireless is WPA'd and that didn't come up - I'm using the new style wpa
configuration via /etc/network/interfaces

Besides that, it all seemed to work pretty nicely. (although getting a
login prompt on a VT that early was something of a shock :-) )


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