alternative setting of paths installing to alternative prefix

Nico Dietrich nicodietrich at
Thu Nov 9 12:36:49 GMT 2006


Being able to install upstart to an alternative location (such 
as /opt/upstart) is a good thing for a first try! But: the problem I 
encounter is that upstart needs to use the telinit-binary 
from /opt/upstart/sbin/ instead of the old one in /sbin, but the provieded 
example-scripts just say 'telinit ...'.

So the only way I found to solve the problem is to replace all occurences of 
telinit by /opt/../telinit - but then I need to use different init scripts 
when running in 'alternative-location-mode' then those in 'normal-mode'. 

Is there a better workaround, like setting the search path to 
lookup /opt/../sbin first? Could upstart even do that when configured 
with --prefix=... ?


PS: otherwise, things are running smoothly on debian unstable here!
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