How to get something similar to runlevels in Upstart?

Alex Smith alex at
Wed Nov 1 20:15:20 GMT 2006

paul wrote:
> Currently I myself am running upstart with the sysvinit emulation layer, 
> see
> With this emulation you have the sysvinit runlevels.
> However I am wondering why you would still need runlevels. I can imagine 
> that you are using  runlevels to switch from fixed network to wireless. 
> Or change runlevels when switching from main power to battery power. But 
> with upstart (and udev, hald & dbus) you might think of a situation that 
> you do not need any runlevels any more. By having the right events 
> generated your computer will start and stop the daemons that are needed 
> to go to the new situation automatically.
> Or do you have an other use of runlevels where this would not work?
> Paul

Well, of course you can do what you suggest with events generated by 
other processes, which is what I would like to do. But of course, there 
will always be hardcore Linux users who like this functionality and 
would like it to be there. Probably I could just base the init scripts 
around the sysvinit compatibility stuff though, that would probably work.


P.S. Paul, I might have accidentally mailed this to you, I'm used to 
mailing lists that have a Reply-To as the mailing list address, this one 

Alex Smith
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