[Bug 247190] Re: /lib/security/pam_otpw.so: undefined symbol: __stack_chk_fail_local

Priya Bhat 247190 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Mar 10 17:38:01 UTC 2011

Hey guys !

I am having the same issue on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I think Charlie Dyson
also commented that the issue is not resolved yet and I am not even able
to make the code run after adding the -fno-stack-protector option.

My Platform details:
OS: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS, 32-bit. 
compiler: gcc-4.3 and g++-4.3
Purpose: I am trying to compile a piece of neural CSIM code available at http://www.lsm.tugraz.at/download/index.html on my machine. This code requires the MATLAB utility mex to be installed correctly on your machine, which I have. I changed the options file (lsm/csim/src/csim_mex72_opts.sh) to include the -fno-stack-protector option. 

As recommended in this page, I changed the CFLAGS option from:
CFLAGS='-fPIC -ansi -D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -fexceptions -m32'

CFLAGS='-fPIC -ansi -D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -fexceptions -m32 -fno-stack-protector'

and I am still getting the error:

/home/pbhat/Downloads/lsm/csim/csim.mexglx: undefined symbol:

Can somebody guide me as to what I should be doing to resolve this

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  /lib/security/pam_otpw.so: undefined symbol: __stack_chk_fail_local

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