[Bug 524779] Re: Brother printer drivers in Lucid are 2.5 years out-of-date

Saïvann Carignan oxmosys at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 06:13:35 UTC 2010

Hi. I am the one who created these packages for ubuntu. Unfortunately,
as my last comment in the BrotherDriverPackaging page says, I was not,
and I won't be able to continue this project. However, if anybody want
to continue this project, I will be happy to provide some assistance.

I have to mention that all previous packages for Brother printers were
made based on "pseudo-categories" of Brother printers + a bunch of
drivers with no category that I called "extra". Finding a way to
classify this in order to build correct wrappers for each driver really
was a pain (some printer categories even share libraries while others
don't!), my previous work on printer driver classification is available
here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrotherDriverPackaging .

While previous drivers were distributed in packages, it is not the case
for new drivers in Brother website which distributes all new drivers
individually. That completely breaks the old distribution model, which
would probably requires all brother drivers packages to be merged
together in one package in ubuntu repository.

In addition to that, the source packages are in fact scripts that
generate the final wrapper files, not the files themselves! The ubuntu
LPR packages needs to use a "sed hack" to modify binaries that have
hardcoded path that does not respect debian FHS policies for packaging,
and a bunch of workarounds (sometime from Brother website, sometime from
ubuntu community) had to be applied to the packages in order to fix a
lot of issue, but even with all this work, Brother drivers continue to
present many issues. Because the LPR drivers are not opensource, that
leaves the community with no possibility to fix the drivers.

The addition of all these points makes packaging of these drivers too
time consuming for what I can do at the moment and while I thank Brother
from taking care to provide Linux drivers, it is obvious that the
drivers quality and the driver distribution is really problematic, but
if anyone has enough courage, it was possible, and it's still possible.

It would also be a very good idea to do LSB packaging of these drivers,
to make them available to all Linux platform, not only ubuntu, and to
eventually have them proposed via cupsys itself. This could make ubuntu
packaging not necessary. And scanner drivers could also be packaged

At the mean time, Linux users can still download .deb directly from
Brother website.

Brother printer drivers in Lucid are 2.5 years out-of-date
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