[Bug 516924] Re: [MIR] pyyaml

Scott Moser smoser at canonical.com
Thu Feb 11 18:26:36 UTC 2010

** Description changed:

   * python-yaml is a new runtime dependency of ec2-init
   * the dependency was added in development of blueprint server-lucid-ec2-config
   * No open or recent security issues
   * Open bugs (1 debian, 0 ubuntu)
   * Test suite does run on build
   * actively maintained
-  * depends on libyaml-dev (libyaml) [MIR bug 516924]
+  * depends on libyaml-dev (libyaml) [MIR bug 516930]
  Standards compliance
   * very standard package for a python package
   * well maintained in debian, not likely much need for extra work
  Background information:
   pyyaml provides a python module for reading and writing yaml.  It is useful for human readable and writable configuration files or other structured data.  ec2-init began using the python-yaml library as a syntax for the "cloud-config" data.

[MIR] pyyaml
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