[Bug 16918] Re: smartcard support is not enabled in openssh

J. Javier Maestro jjmaestro at ieee.org
Thu Feb 11 00:42:35 UTC 2010

Can't anyone follow the suggestion of creating an extra openssh-
smartcard-opensc and openssh-smartcard-pkcs11 that would use the opensc
flag or the pkcs11 patch mentioned in this bug?

If there is no serious reason to avoid it, why is this bug open since
2005???  Come on! An experienced Debian / Ubuntu developer could have
done the package in no time at all!

Could you listen to us, please? Or at least provide a satisfactory
answer. Mentioning the "dependency hell" surely is not enough (not even
by far!!!) when other options such as extra packages exist (and are
already in use for other packages).

So, again, PLEASE, do help us and compile it with smartcard support.

Thank you.

smartcard support is not enabled in openssh
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