[Bug 495458] Re: preview windows is displayed as garbish

Ken Foskey kfoskey at tpg.com.au
Thu Feb 4 23:43:13 UTC 2010

I have this problem as well.  I am using a HP Photosmart 2610.

I notice it more if I am running picasa at the same time or immediately
after switching on printer.  Logging off and on again (not simply
shutting xsane, completely logging off) and trying again generally
works.   I can get a similar circumstance by pressing the scan button on
my printer which shows an error message on the little LCD and the
preview then has problems.

The application remains locked but does eventually become responsive.
Once it it is in an invalid state no amount of shutting preview and
reopening it will make any difference.  No buttons or options appear.
If you mouse over the top (say) 5mm and the left edge 5mm show some
detail but nothing appears in the centre.  The Acquire button does not

My guess is that the scan device is somehow locked by another program
and it is not sensed properly by the preview code.  It may also be
invalid data returned from the device confusing sane.

preview windows is displayed as garbish
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