[Bug 6290] Re: DV capture over Firewire is broken (no rights for /dev/raw1394)

visionary xsaint at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 02:36:12 UTC 2010

I had similiar problem....did all i found on the net..eg give permission
rights to raw file....load the module manually...nothing

I looked into blacklist-firewire.conf, thats when i realised that onchi
was blacklisted

So what i did?
 1)edit /ect/modprobe.d/blacklist-firewire.conf

remove the # from blacklist firewire-ohci

# blacklist firewire-ohci

# blacklist firewire-ohci

Save and reboot system. Start Kino with admin rights and it all worked well for me...
Now i do not know what are the implications of unblocking the firewire-ohci, but that was the solution that made my kino/kdenlive worked beautifully....


DV capture over Firewire is broken (no rights for /dev/raw1394)
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