[Bug 195795] Re: what-patch isn't accurate

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Fri Jun 13 19:00:13 UTC 2008

This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-dev-tools - 0.31

ubuntu-dev-tools (0.31) intrepid; urgency=low

  [ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT) ]
  * pbuilder-dist.new:
     - Rewrite the script in Python to make it more robust and faster.
  * what-patch:
     - If cdbs-edit-patch is used, output "cdbs (patchsys.mk)" instead of
       just "cdbs" (LP: #195795).
  * check-symbols:
     - Add a brief explanation about why sudo privilegies are required
       in order to run this script (LP: #194622).
     - End with exit code 1 if there's an error.
  * suspicious-source:
     - Whitelist C# files (LP: #225691): *.cs.
     - Whitelist manpages: *.[0-9].

  [ Daniel Hahler ]
  * requestsync:
     - Use debian_bundle.changelog.Version for version comparison in
     - Fix --lp for Firefox 3 (LP: #208808):
       It now tries ~/.lpcookie.txt, ~/.mozilla/*/*/cookies.sqlite and
       ~/.mozilla/*/*/cookies.txt to find a Launchpad cookie file.
       Also added a hint that you can create a valid file, by logging into
       Launchpad with Firefox.
     - Added confirm loops, which displays the message to be send/posted and
       either allows to edit (or forces to, in case of Ubuntu changes).
       (LP: #194613, #194615)
       This adds a convient edit_report method, which gets used both from the
       Launchpad and mail code path.
     - Do not fallback to submitting by email, if posting to Launchpad failed.
       This hasn't been requested and therefore should not get done.
     - post_bug: Catch IOError when setting bug importance (LP: #190061)
     - mail_bug: Catch socket.error (LP: #190739)

  [ Kees Cook ]
  * mk-sbuild-lv
    - don't install recommended packages during chroot install.
    - allow customization of schroot.conf suffix and LV/snapshot sizes.
  * what-patch:
    - restore previous output behavior, added logic to verbose test instead.
    - added details for each patch system report.
  * pull-debian-debdiff:
    - parse .dsc file for required source files.
    - switch to GPLv3
  * debian/control: add Depends needed for pull-debian-debdiff.
  * debian/copyright:
    - updated pull-debian-debdiff, which is now GPLv3.
    - adjusted Copyright lines to make lintian happy.

 -- Kees Cook <kees at ubuntu.com>   Fri, 13 Jun 2008 11:43:24 -0700

** Changed in: ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

what-patch isn't accurate
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