[Bug 81567] Re: [apport] skencil.py crashed with SIGSEGV in free()

thsths thomas.steffen+ubuntu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:15:41 UTC 2007


I have been rather annoyed with this bug for a while, because
sketch/skencil is my favorite drawing program for more complex things.
And it seems that I have found a work around short of recompiling,
although it is certainly not for anyone faint of heart.

1. Remove skencil.
2. Install python2.4.
3. Download skencil_0.6.17-7_i386.deb from Ubuntu 6.10 and install it with dpkg. This shows a conflict in the python version.
4. Edit /var/lib/dpkg/status to delete the conflict: just remove the entry "python (<< 2.5), " in skencil.
5. Edit /usr/bin/skencil to start /usr/bin/python2.4 instead of /usr/bin/python. (skencil should now work!)
6. Use dselect to put a hold on skencil. (is there an easier way to do this?)

Note that this does make changes to your packaging system. If you make a
mistake, you may have to reinstall your system. When the workaround is
no longer needed, the changes should go away once you remove the hold
flag and upgrade.

[apport] skencil.py crashed with SIGSEGV in free()
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