[Bug 104233] Re: ioquake3 or quake 3 engine, and derivative games

Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen Ralf.Nieuwenhuijsen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 13:01:47 UTC 2007

I think there are three options:
  1. package ioquake and game data of different games separately
  2. package each game separately

I'm not if 1 is even possible, (they might have changed/tweaked the engines)?
Secondly, there are already ioquake games in the repositories without separating the code from the data.

At least Tremulous uses ioquake for sure, but I suspect also Alien
Arena. Nexuiz and Warsow are also based on Quake3, but perhaps not

My point is, just package the like we are doing now. And if it ever
becomes the policy to separate ioquake from the game-data, then do so
for all games, including those already in the repository. But still my
guess is they although they use the same core game engine, they modify
it somewhat for each unique game.

So, please, just package. It's a shame such popular games as Urban
Terror and World of Padman are not in the repositories, where games like
Warsow and Nexuiz are, eventhough they are far less popular.

I've also requested the packages at getdeb.net, but unfortunately they
can not host that amount of game-data which is common for 3d-shooters.
Bandwidth limits and such.

So: please MOTU's .. just package!

ioquake3 or quake 3 engine, and derivative games
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