[Bug 102025] Re: [need-packaging] NoMachine NX server and client

Jo-Erlend Schinstad joerlend.schinstad at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 16:28:05 UTC 2007

I have to make a comment here, because there are alot of misconceptions
or outdated information. FreeNX is not at all dead. It progressed slowly
in 2006, but is not well on the way again. Fabian Franz, the maintainer
of the FreeNX project, is working on a complete re-write and has been
contacted by at least one software designer from Google, who has
promised to help in that process. I agree with Serge van Ginderachter;
Server-based computing and thinclients are explosive these days. Ubuntu
should have some support for it. Xrdp is available, but when I tried it,
it was very unpolished. If it was packaged and used by the increasingly
large Ubuntu community, that might change very quickly, which in turn
would make Ubuntu available to all thinclients.

2X supports Citrix in their commercial version. Their free version is a
100% open source version of Nomachines server. (They bought their source
code). I've only had positive experiences with Nomachines server, and
it's very easily installed. FreeNX might be the best choice after the

[need-packaging] NoMachine NX server and client
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