[Bug 20070] workrave hangs after unlocking with input blocked

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Wed Oct 3 09:30:48 UTC 2007

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After the daily limit is reached, I click on "Lock" to lock the screen.  The
next day, I unlock the screen.  Workrave doesn't refresh, it just hangs, with
input still blocked.  (There's a grey patch where the dialog box used to be.)  I
have to kill it from outide X to regain access to the desktop.

This only seems to be a problem if I wait until the next day.  If I try
unlocking immediately, the dialog box comes back and I can "Skip" or "Postpone".
 This behaviour seems normal.

After logging in the next day, shouldn't the dialog box go away, the input be
unblocked, and the timers reset?

Kernel: linux-image-2.6.10-5-k7 (i686)
OS: Ubuntu Linux 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)
Desktop: GNOME 2.10.0
Package: workrave 1.6.2-1ubuntu1

** Affects: workrave
     Importance: Unknown
         Status: Fix Released

** Affects: gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
         Status: Invalid

** Affects: workrave (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
     Assignee: MOTU (motu)
         Status: New

workrave hangs after unlocking with input blocked
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