[Bug 57099] Re: [Edgy] Sawfish not usable

era era+launchpad.net at iki.fi
Sun Nov 18 22:28:23 UTC 2007

OK, I think I can shed some light here.  Like I suspected, it seems that
these people did not get what they expected (a useful session sorta
kinda like Gnome) but Sawfish works as designed: you do get a menu on
the middle mouse button, but nothing much else.

The proper way to use Sawfish under Gnome is not as a replacement for
Gnome, but as a replacement for Metacity, or what have you (Compiz,
these days?) and in that function, Sawfish continues to work

The fix here I think would be to remove the Sawfish option from the GDM
"sessions" menu, since few people really want to replace Gnome with
Sawfish, and those who do probably aren't scared of adding it to the
menu by hand.

I'm guessing /usr/share/xsessions/sawfish.desktop is responsible for
offering Sawfish as a session-manager option in gdm?

In the meantime, if you do want to use Sawfish as your window manager,
configure it under System -> Sessions.  This is somewhat tricky, because
you basically want to kill metacity from underneath, then start up
sawfish somehow while you are running without a window manager, and then
save that as your preferrend session.  I'm too chicken to attempt to
provide foolproof instructions, but if I managed to do it, so can you

** Summary changed:

- [Edgy] Sawfish not usable
+ Sawfish not (really) useful as session manager

** Description changed:

  This is on current edgy. I did "sudo apt-get install sawfish" and then
  hit ctrl+alt+backspace. I chose sawfish as my session in gdm, and
  correctly entered username/password. I hit enter and it just hangs
  without loading sawfish (unless sawfish is a window manager that doesn't
  respond to a variety of random keypresses and left/right mouse clicks).
  I'm not sure what files to attach. I took a look at various logs and I
  couldn't find any relevant errors. I'll be happy to include any
  information necessary to solve this. Thanks in advance.
+ (See comment #4 for a diagnosis.)

Sawfish not (really) useful as session manager
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